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Trustees Annual Report 2011

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Governing Document

Hope for Tanzania is governed by its Trust Deed dated 3 March 2008. It is registered with the Charity Commission, registration number 1124470.


The objects of Hope for Tanzania, as set out in the Trust Deed, are to advance education in accordance with Christian principles and to relieve poverty in particular but not exclusively by improving employment prospects of individuals and communities by such means as the trustees may consider appropriate including by means of establishing and operating any educational or training establishment or establishments and by the provision of funds, goods or services of any kind including support for small businesses in such parts of Tanzania.

Hope for Tanzania works in the following areas:

How we work

We work with trustworthy individuals in Tanzania to ensure that funds are spent on designated projects and no issues arise around corrupt practices. At present we are mainly focussing our support on Tuishime School and Arusha New Clinic as we firmly believe that long term focussed assistance is critical to achieve the changes that we want to see.

The projects that have been supported in 2011 were solely for the benefit of people living in Tanzania - students, children, families, patients. Our programmes are run for the benefit of people irrespective of their religion, gender or age.

The support we give is of limited duration and we take great care that people do not develop long term dependency on aid. The child sponsorship scheme, in particular, means that families have the opportunity to send their children to primary school. Only in rare instances, such as extreme financial hardship, will we continue to provide support for a child throughtheir secondary education. Hope for Tanzania funding levels are rather modest, so they will have no effect in distorting the local economy.

What we did - Activities, Achievements

In setting its objectives for the year and allocating funds to projects, the trustees have complied with their duty of care in regard to the public benefit guidance as published in section 4 of the Charities Act 2006 by the Commission. The trustees always ensure that its programmes are in line with the charitable aims and objectives of Hope for Tanzania.

During 2011, Hope for Tanzania has carried out its activities in Tanzania for the public benefit as follows:

Education at Tuishime School

The main project that has been supported continues to be Tuishime Nursery & Primary School. We have not funded any major building work this year but we provided funds to renovate classrooms. Work is currently underway to fix ceiling boards, extend the smallest classroom and carry out minor repairs to cracks.

Work was started to convert one of the classrooms into a computer room which will be funded by the Arusha Education Authority under an arrangement agreed with them during our visit in November. We anticipate that work will be completed in January. We donated a number of laptops and a computer projector for the computer room.

The exam results of class VII were again impressive with all 19 pupils passing in all 5 subjects. The School achieved position number 26 out of 94 schools in the District, position number 60 out of 528 schools in the Region and position number 386 out of 15,051 schools in the whole of Tanzania. Competition between schools was higher this year which resulted in a lower ranking of Tuishime mainly as a result of a number of schools with low pupil numbers entering the league tables. The education authority continues to regard the school highly and is very helpful in directing pupils to the best government secondary schools in the city.

The problem of parents delaying or not paying school fees has been much lower due to the strong stance that the director and headteacher have taken. This has allowed teachers' salaries to be increased although they are still lower than those recommended by the Government. The school is well managed and has many more books in its library due to a volunteer team from England taking over 120kg of reading books. The school now has 240 very happy children who are being taught by excellent teachers in an atmosphere that is invigorating and lively. The school is being expertly guided by the director, Naomi Masenge, and we are confident that the quality of education and life experience of the children will become even better over the next few years.

Support and Education of Individuals

We have completed sponsoring Maria in her Diploma in Business Studies and are delighted that she has now started a permanent job with a Dutch NGO concentrating on logistics which was her specialisation at college. Felicia is in the 3rd year of her B.Ed. degree and is specialising in counselling which is the area in she would like to work. She has achieved very good grades, become much more confident and has now reached a high standard in English. Joshua is at Mount Meru University studying for a diploma in business administration, majoring in marketing. He favours accountancy which is the area he would like to study next. We met him during our visit and were impressed by his dedication and commitment.

The child sponsorship scheme has remained at the same number of supporters as last year (21) despite offering lower levels of sponsorship. Letters were sent to sponsors during the year including a calendar with photographs of different Tanzanian scenes.

We made a donation to Moses to assist him in setting up a shop at his house for the benefit of people living in the area. This extra income will help him educate his children and continue to educate himself.

Support to a wide range of Tanzanians has included letters, phone calls and text messages which play an important part in encouraging the many people in Tanzania with whom we have contact.

Send a Computer Scheme

We have almost reached our funding target to purchase and send over 90 reconditioned computers for 4 schools - Tuishime and 3 primary government schools. The schools have been visited to confirm their suitability and we have obtained the commitment of the district education officer to carry out modifications to the classrooms (electrical supply, benching, decoration, security) before we ship the computers to Dar in early 2012. The education officer has agreed to take responsibility for their onward transport and distribution and will move teachers who have appropriate IT skills to these schools. We are very excited by this partnership with the government and look forward to computing skills being learnt by teachers, pupils and their parents.

Arusha New Clinic

A further donation was made to Arusha New Clinic for consumables, such as surgical instruments, cleaning liquids and drugs. This is expected to be sufficient for the operating theatre to become fully set up and operations to start. The Clinic has not developed as quickly as we had hoped with work still needing to be completed before it can open fully. This is partly due to an unreliable electricity supply but also because the work has not been managed effectively. The business plan of the clinic is that patients will be referred by local doctors with those that can afford the full fees subsidising those who cannot. The loan made by Hope for Tanzania to set-up the clinic will be repaid into a fund which will be used to start micro-businesses.


Trustees held a stall at Duffield Carnival where they advertised the work of Hope for Tanzania. The website is being refreshed and we continue to receive favourable feedback on its layout. Handmade Christmas cards and a newsletter were sent to general supporters summarising the year's activities.

Hope for Tanzania

Hope for Tanzania is now registered in Tanzania as a NGO which gives it a legal status that is recognised by the government. This will help us gain access to different opportunities as we expand our work.

Visit 2011

A team of 6 people visited Tanzania in October/November and were greatly encouraged by progress in all areas. We visited Mwanza, a town on the shores of Lake Victoria, where we met a number of people with whom we feel we can start projects in agriculture, mission and education once we have worked out a strategic plan. It looks as though opportunities have now opened up to expand work beyond the Arusha region which was our vision and desire right from the start of Hope for Tanzania.

Developments Planned for 2012

The shipment of computers will be made in early 2012 and we expect them to be fully installed and operational by the summer. We will fund a further classroom for the puppy class who are temporarily displaced due to the re- fitting of the computer room. Other projects will depend on funding. We are expecting a number of supporters from the UK to visit Arusha during the year.

Finance Report

The financial statements are enclosed with this report and consist of summary financial statements with detailed expenditure and income, and a segmental report showing which projects were funded and received funds in 2011.

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