Hope for Tanzania


Singida Region16 NOVEMBER 2019

Please pray * For God to set people free from sin & foreign gods. * For Muslims to come to Christ. * For people to understand who Jesus is & what He wants from them. * Genuine repentance...... [read more]

Church Pastors in Singida16 NOVEMBER 2019

Pastors Oscar & Dorcas — Mwandalya/Nyahaa Pastor Shadrachi — Tegero Pastor Kitusi — Kiomboi Pastor Anderson — Kidaru Pastor Julius &mdash...... [read more]

Pastor Deo 16 NOVEMBER 2019

Please pray for Pastor Deo and his work in Singida region and in Bukoba (Lake region near Mwanza) * Safety while on the mission field. His family (he is away from home a lot). * Spiritual...... [read more]

Pray for Church Communities in Tanzania16 NOVEMBER 2019

* For a growth in number (salvations) and a deepened faith as they follow Jesus. * For transformed hearts and minds. Sacrificial love for their families and neighbours. Infilling with the Holy...... [read more]

Pray for Pastor Stephen 16 NOVEMBER 2019

Please pray for the work that Pastor Stephen is carrying out in Dar es Salaam. * Overflow in finances for the Bible school so building work can be completed. * Effective training of pastors and...... [read more]

Singida during Mission 201926 SEPTEMBER 2019

Please pray for the willingness of Christians in Singida villages we are visiting to tread the path of true discipleship. For them to deepen their faith and knowledge to withstand increasing...... [read more]

Pray for Tanzania Mission Team 201926 SEPTEMBER 2019

Please pray for us. Safety during international and national travel, good health, luggage to be kept safe, bribe-free clearance through customs, no terrorist attacks. For us to come together as a...... [read more]

Pray for Dar es Salaam15 SEPTEMBER 2019

Please pray for an overflow in funding of Bible school so that it can be built quickly and used to train pastors and church members and strengthen the East African church. Strength and protection for...... [read more]

Prayer for Singida12 SEPTEMBER 2019

For God to set people free from sin and foreign gods. For Muslims to come to Christ. A time of tremendous sowing and reaping as we show the Jesus film. For people to understand who Jesus is and what...... [read more]

Hannah and Tanzania Visit 201913 AUGUST 2019

Please pray for one of our team members, Hannah, who is en route for Tanzania where she will be for the next 9 weeks. Please pray for her safety and health throughout the trip. Also for travelling...... [read more]

Bible School in Dar es Salaam11 JULY 2019

Please pray for an overflow in funding for the Bible school which Oasis of Victory Ministries (OAVM) is constructing near Dar. Pray that it can be built quickly and used to train pastors and church...... [read more]

Singida and Pastors 25 APRIL 2019

Please pray for Pastor Deo – safety when travelling, his family (he is away from home a lot), his spiritual strength and vision, powerful Holy Spirit led ministry. Pastors Oscar & Dorcas...... [read more]

Thanks to God 23 DECEMBER 2018

Let's give thanks to God for the following things he has accomplished in 2018. Tuishime School standard 7 exam results were good with every child passing the exams and so able to enter secondary...... [read more]

Tuesday prayer request16 OCTOBER 2018

Please pray that each team member, Patsy, Hannah, Matt, Alex, Martin, Ezekiel, Deo, Moses and Felix experiences God in specific ways. For us to be used by God to speak into each other’s lives...... [read more]

Monday prayer request16 OCTOBER 2018

Please pray for the practical aspects of our missions visit - safety during international and national travel, good health, luggage to be kept safe, bribe-free clearance through customs, no terrorist...... [read more]

Sunday prayer request14 OCTOBER 2018

For God to set people free from sin and foreign gods in Singida's villages. For Muslims to come to Christ. A time of tremendous sowing and reaping as we show the Jesus film. For people to understand...... [read more]

Saturday prayer request13 OCTOBER 2018

Please pray for the pastors of Oasis of Victory churches who are holding a conference in Dar es Salaam between November 7 and 12. For them to experience refreshment and strengthening and return to...... [read more]

Friday prayer request12 OCTOBER 2018

Please pray for the Team who are visiting Tanzania this year for mission (between October 24th and November 13th). Our names are Matt, Hannah, Patsy and Martin (from Derby City Church) and Alex from...... [read more]

Thursday prayer request11 OCTOBER 2018

Please pray for the willingness of Christians to tread the path of true discipleship. For Christians to deepen their faith and knowledge to withstand increasing persecution and for protection and...... [read more]

Wednesday prayer request10 OCTOBER 2018

Please pray for our Mission visit to Tanzania between October 23 and November 12. Pray for clarity in which villages in Singida to plant new churches and construct church buildings (target one church...... [read more]

Felix Masenge19 JULY 2018

Felix is not well and would value prayer for healing. Whilst not particularly old, at least compared with his father of 110, his health has been poor recently and a few months ago he had a cataract...... [read more]

Government of Tanzania19 JULY 2018

Please pray for the government and especially President Magufuli. As with any national leader the President has a very difficult job keeping as many people as possible happy whilst developing and...... [read more]

Visit 2018 Team 29 MAY 2018

We thank and praise God that he has brought a fourth team member along for our mission trip to Tanzania this October. We are firming up on dates which we are aiming to finalise within the next few...... [read more]

Team Members for Visit 201806 MAY 2018

We have firm commitments from 3 people for our mission visit to Tanzania in October 2018. We would like an additional one or two people. If you feel that God is calling you to join us then please...... [read more]

Pastor Deo 12 MARCH 2018

Please pray for Deo who is our supported missionary in Singida. He is working tirelessly in different church locations encouraging and training church members in their faith and in mission. Now he...... [read more]

Future of Tuishime School 26 JANUARY 2018

The school continues to excel in its educational standard and is oversubscribed. Naomi and Felix have done a magnificent job to build the school up to what it is today. It is clear that God has...... [read more]

Pastor Osca starts Bible College26 JANUARY 2018

Pastor Osca has started a two year course at a Bible College in Mwanza. The course will be a challenge for him as it is a long time since he last studied but I am sure he will be strongly motivated...... [read more]

Head Teacher at Tuishime School10 DECEMBER 2017

We are sorry to see the current head teacher leave the school after two years in post. He has helped to stabilise the school after an unsettled period. However, it now presents a challenge to the...... [read more]

God's Work in Singida 19 OCTOBER 2017

We request your prayers for Pastor Oscar and his wife Dorcas who lead churches in Nya ha ha and Mwandalya. During our visit this year we saw many people commit their lives to Jesus. Oscar and Dorcas...... [read more]

Answered Prayer17 SEPTEMBER 2017

Our God is strong and powerful, able to hear our requests and answer so that Jesus is glorified and we receive the best in our walk with him. So many of our prayers were answered. We lacked nothing...... [read more]

The Team Visiting Singida28 JULY 2017

We would appreciate prayer for our spiritual health and vigor, for opportunities to talk to people about Jesus and spiritual matters, for good times of prayer, a sense of God’s presence and...... [read more]

Mission to Singida Region28 JULY 2017

Please pray for the willingness of Christians in Singida region to tread the path of true discipleship. Deepening in faith of Christians to face increasing persecution. Protection and strengthening...... [read more]

Sponsored Young People20 JULY 2017

Please pray for the young people we sponsor: Shamsa (accountancy training), Ibrahim (starting a photography business), Arnold, Thomas, Erick (secondary school), Brown (Science degree). Ask God to...... [read more]

Prayer for Visit 201715 JULY 2017

Dear Friends. We would appreciate prayer for the following matters: Practical aspects - safety during international and national travel, good health, luggage to be kept safe, bribe-free clearance...... [read more]

Our sponsored students10 JUNE 2017

Please pray for the following young people who we are supporting in Tanzania: Thomas who is studying for A'level exams in 2018. For focus in his studies and for his character to be molded by God...... [read more]

Tuishime School 07 MAY 2017

Of course the School always needs our prayers but now lets focus on some areas of it, asking God to direct and lead the work. Eliza the headteacher who needs wisdom and confidence to lead the...... [read more]

Tanzania Visit 201709 APRIL 2017

Please pray for the team of 13 people who will be visiting Tanzania in July and August. We need wisdom as we make practical arrangements and prayer that travel happens according to plans and we are...... [read more]

Pastor Deo 04 MARCH 2017

Please pray that Pastor Deo will find work in Mwanza either for someone else or by becoming self employed. keep his passion for mission in Singida even though he will not be there as frequently in...... [read more]

2017 - The Year Ahead22 JANUARY 2017

The new year is not so new now but as the months stretch ahead of us it gives us opportunities to carry out the work God has given us to do in Tanzania. Our three areas of focus are (1) The Oasis of...... [read more]

Asnath04 JANUARY 2017

Please pray for Asnath, a girl, who became a Christian in 2015. She had a difficult upbringing being raised in a family where her mother and grandmother were witches who wanted her to also become a...... [read more]

Prayer Diary for Visit 201625 SEPTEMBER 2016

October 10th to November 8th 2016 Monday Practical aspects - personal safety during international and national travel, good health, luggage to be kept safe, no terrorist attacks. Tuesday SVN...... [read more]

Class 7 Tuishime School Pupils18 AUGUST 2016

Pupils from the oldest year group at Tuishime School take their national examinations on September 7 and 8. Please pray that they will all perform to their potential and achieve the results they...... [read more]

Kiomboi 12 JUNE 2016

Prayer points for Kiomboi are: Pastor Benjamin - that he will know the presence of God as he leads his church and will be filled with the Holy Spirit in his pastoring, teaching and preaching...... [read more]

Pastor Deo 12 JUNE 2016

Hope for Tanzania gave a loan to Pastor Deo to help him establish a new business which we hope will allow him to be financially independent. The business is as a project engineer for the surfacing of...... [read more]

President John Pombe Magufuli 28 MARCH 2016

Pray that the president will have the energy to keep pushing reforms through the government and that he will receive wisdom from God in making decisions and developing strategy. Pray that he will...... [read more]

Naomi Massenge28 MARCH 2016

Naomi recently had her gall bladder removed. Pray that she will fully recover from the operation and become strong again, able to sit comfortably and sleep at night. Pray that her diabetes will be...... [read more]

Mission update from Kiomboi07 FEBRUARY 2016

I visited Pastor Deo, with Felix Massenge, during my visit to Singida in November to encourage him and see how the work is progressing. I was greatly encouraged by his dedication and commitment to...... [read more]

Fire at Steve Kweka's School 20 DECEMBER 2015

Our dear friend Steve Kweka is head teacher at the Daraja Mbili Primary School in which 4 classrooms and offices have been reduced to ashes following a night fire outbreak on December 4. Steve was...... [read more]

Answers to Prayer from Martin's Visit22 NOVEMBER 2015

I am delighted to report that God has been gracious and answered all the prayers that I posted before my visit. We experienced safety and good health and knew God's protection over our travels. The...... [read more]

Prayer Diary for October Visit 18 OCTOBER 2015

Saturdays (until Nov 7) Martin's spiritual health and vigour, opportunities to talk to people about Jesus and spiritual matters, good times of prayer, sense of God’s presence and peace in his...... [read more]

Prayer Diary for October Visit16 OCTOBER 2015

Fridays (until Nov 13) Tuishime School – settling in of new head teacher (Mr Elisa Nasari) and his increasing influence on the educational and spiritual strategy. Clear separation of Naomi’s and...... [read more]

Prayer Diary for October Visit 15 OCTOBER 2015

Thursdays (until Nov 19) Elli to settle into Tanzanian life and make the most of every opportunity. For her to flourish in the school, make friendships and find meaningful opportunities to serve...... [read more]

Prayer Diary for October Visit 14 OCTOBER 2015

Mondays (until Nov 16) Practical aspects - personal safety during international and national travel, good health, luggage to be kept safe, no terrorist attacks. Tuesdays (until Nov 17) Renewal of...... [read more]

Prayer Diary for October Visit 11 OCTOBER 2015

Sundays (until November 15) Spiritual breakthrough in Kiomboi for people to be delivered from alcohol dependence and set free to serve the Lord. Protection and strengthening of Pastor Deo so that he...... [read more]

Needy people in Kiomboi26 SEPTEMBER 2015

Pleas pray for the following people who Pastor Deo has met during the last few weeks: (A) Emmy is young lady but seems old due to constant drinking of mtukuru (distilled millet spirit). She didn't...... [read more]

Pastor Deo and the work in Kiomboi16 JULY 2015

Please pray for the following: * Protection for Deo as he brings the good news of Jesus to people living in the kingdom of this world. * Physical and spiritual health for Deo. Recently he suffered...... [read more]

Elections in Tanzania 23 JUNE 2015

In September this year Tanzania will vote for a new president as President Kikwete has served two terms and cannot stand again. He represents the CCM party that has held office ever since Tanzania...... [read more]

Pastor Deo18 MAY 2015

Pastor Deo has sent us some items for prayer. These are: (1) God to open a door that I may accomplish his plan in full and on time. This means to start an income generating business and have funds to...... [read more]

Singida and Kiomboi 26 APRIL 2015

Pastor Deo is in Singida, an area to the east of Mwanza. His purpose is to plant churches and witness to unreached people. Please pray that he will be able to establish useful contacts with local...... [read more]

Steve Kweka 26 APRIL 2015

Please pray for Steve who is head teacher at Darajambili Primary School in Arusha. It has a huge number of pupils, many of whom are the poorest of the poor. The majority of pupils are from a Muslim...... [read more]

Progress at Tuishime School 20 MARCH 2015

After Martin's recent visit to Tanzania it is clear that Tuishime School has a great need and opportunity to change. Please pray that teachers and other staff will see the value of change and be...... [read more]

Answers to Prayer from Martin's Visit02 MARCH 2015

Thank you for your prayers. I sensed God's presence with me during my 5 week visit. I did not succumb to any tropical illness, my luggage was treated well and I kept safe despite many thousands of...... [read more]

Prayer Diary for Martin's Visit to Tanzania21 DECEMBER 2014

January 11th to February 16th 2015 Monday Practical aspects - personal safety during international and national travel, good health, luggage to be kept safe, no terrorist attacks. Tuesday Renewal...... [read more]

The Country of Tanzania26 NOVEMBER 2014

* National elections are being held in October 2015 for the president, prime minister and MPs. Please pray for peace in the period up to and following the election especially as a new constitution is...... [read more]

Update on Pastor Deo's visit30 OCTOBER 2014

Pastor Deo has had difficulties during his visit as his car broke down on the rough tracks and it is currently at a garage awaiting repair. Pastor Deo returned to Mwanza, where his church is based...... [read more]

Visit of Pastor Deo 06 OCTOBER 2014

Pastor Deo is making another visit to Singida this week during which he will carry out research to assist a student at Nottingham University in his water related project. Please pray for safety...... [read more]

Answers to Prayer06 OCTOBER 2014

*Acquittal of Augustino Godfrey from all criminal charges *Healing of Mary Paulo and Tabitha after their road traffic accident *Noticeable improvement in the quality of teaching at Tuishime School...... [read more]

Tuishime School 14 SEPTEMBER 2014

The latest cohort of children have taken their class VII national exams and results are eagerly awaited when they are published in December. We continue to pray that standards at the school continue...... [read more]

Accident to Mary Paulo and Tabitha27 JULY 2014

Dear friends. We heard yesterday that Moses Paulo's wife (Mary) and youngest daughter (Tabitha) were involved in a motor bike accident on Friday. They both suffered head and leg injuries and went to...... [read more]

Steve Kweka 27 JULY 2014

Steve Kweka is a dear friend of ours who has just been appointed as head teacher at DARAJA MBILI SCHOOL. It is a huge primary school with 2347 pupils - incredible! As we can imagine, with that number...... [read more]

Grace Mbise11 JUNE 2014

Grace, an evangelist, has just returned from an outreach in Tanga at which many people started following the Lord Jesus. What great news, particularly as many of these were from a different religious...... [read more]

Update on Augustino Godfrey 11 JUNE 2014

The case against Augustino Godfrey has not yet been decided as there have been unimaginable delays in the Tanzanian justice system. Most of these are due to non-shows from judges and lawyers...... [read more]

Felix and Naomi Masenge06 APRIL 2014

Felix and Naomi, our friends who founded the school, have been humble servants of God for many years. Instead of living a life of relative luxury they have been generous in giving up land for...... [read more]

Mr Augustino Godfrey08 MARCH 2014

Please remember Augustino and his family in your prayers. He is a friend of ours, a director at the Arusha Education Dept,a parent of a girl at Tuishime and one of the governors at the school. He has...... [read more]

Children and their Families05 JANUARY 2014

It is difficult for children growing up in today's world. There are so many pressures on them and so much expectancy for them to adapt to the fast pace of change brought about by information...... [read more]

The Church in Tanzania11 DECEMBER 2013

Whilst the proportion of the Tanzanian population that is Christian is high - maybe 50% - many are nominal in their faith and commitment to Jesus. For many people, attending Sunday church services is...... [read more]

Grace Mbise14 NOVEMBER 2013

Grace is an evangelist who has been preaching the gospel in Tanzania and other African countries for many years. We know her and have supported her work for the last few years. We have just finished...... [read more]

Anti-Christian Violence on the Increase in East Africa23 OCTOBER 2013

Violent attacks on Christians and their property are becoming increasingly common in Kenya and Tanzania. Indeed Tanzania is now in 24th position in Open Doors's list of the most difficult countries...... [read more]

UK Teams in Tanzania 07 SEPTEMBER 2013

Currently a team of 4 people, lead by Peter Harris, is in Arusha until 14th September. Please pray for their safety and good health and that they will be effective in all the work that they'll be...... [read more]

Peace in Tanzania29 JULY 2013

Earlier this year there were a number of attacks on Christians and church buildings in Zanzibar, Dar and even Arusha. We are sad to report that some pastors were killed during the attacks and church...... [read more]

Children and Teachers at Tuishime School16 JUNE 2013

Dear Friends We should never tire of talking to God about any situation in the world. He wants to hear our prayers especially when we base them on his promises and our helplessness. Our vision is...... [read more]

The Young People of Tanzania19 MAY 2013

We have been able to sponsor several of Tanzania's young people through their college and University education. Most of them now have jobs which reflect the level of their education. Praise God for...... [read more]

Strategic Direction of Hope for Tanzania24 APRIL 2013

The trustees recently looked back at the strategic plan, originally drafted in 2008, and were greatly encouraged by the significant number of areas where we have completely achieved the objectives...... [read more]

Rev Grace Mbise24 FEBRUARY 2013

Grace, an evangelist that we have financially supported, suffered a deep loss recently when her husband died from leukaemia. He provided the main income for the family releasing Grace to concentrate...... [read more]

Early 2013 Prayer Requests26 JANUARY 2013

Please pray for the following (1) Trustees of Hope for Tanzania to have wisdom as they consider new projects to start. (2) Rev Grace Mbise, an evangelist who we have supported in her work. Her...... [read more]

Peace and Quietness to Rule21 DECEMBER 2012

Christmas is often a time when the Christian community comes under a lot of pressure from people of other faiths. This has recently become increasingly the case in countries which are neighbours of...... [read more]

Christians in Tanzania02 DECEMBER 2012

Those who attend church services will know that all of us have the freedom to obey or disobey what we hear preached. We can decide whether to respond positively to the words we hear. But if we never...... [read more]

Changes and New Beginnings04 NOVEMBER 2012

2013 will see a huge change in the life of Felix and Naomi Massenge and Tuishime School. This is because Naomi will retire as headteacher of Kijenge Primary School having reached the age of 60. The...... [read more]

Children at Tuishime School30 SEPTEMBER 2012

Tuishime pupils are receiving an education which is well rounded to allow them to progress to secondary school. But it is our aim to give them much more than that. They are taught a moral framework...... [read more]

Pastor Deo09 SEPTEMBER 2012

Please pray for Pastor Deo, who leads a church in Mwanza, that he will be inspired in his leadership and be equipped to develop people's spiritual gifts. Pray that he will remain humble but full of...... [read more]

Peace in Zanzibar28 AUGUST 2012

Zanzibar saw some ugly scenes a few months ago when Christian churches were attacked and set on fire by extremists. There is a concerted effort from certain groups within the majority Muslim...... [read more]

The Church in Tanzania15 JULY 2012

Christians in Tanzania face many challenges - poverty, lack of education, lack of jobs being some of them. But they also face spiritual challenges one of which is a lack of knowledge of the...... [read more]

Teachers at Tuishime School01 JULY 2012

We hear encouraging reports about the dedicated service that teachers give despite difficulties in their personal lives. Please pray that the senior teachers - John Bosco, Alex Mangesho, Andrew...... [read more]

Andrew Mathias is in the UK10 JUNE 2012

We thank God that Andrew arrived safely on June 2 and that he had no issues with the UK Border Agency. Please pray that he will hugely benefit from different experiences during next two weeks. He...... [read more]

Visit from Andrew Mathias19 MAY 2012

In a news item of 7 May I wrote about the challenges that Andrew Mathias is facing in coming over to the UK. Since then it hasn't got any easier. We hope that he will receive his visa on 28 May...... [read more]

People willing to make sacrifices07 MAY 2012

We are looking for people who are motivated to help others. We need people who are willing to sacrifice the comfort of staying at home in order to help in Tanzania. People who are willing to put...... [read more]

Computer Installation in Arusha Schools07 MAY 2012

We thank God that the computers that Hope for Tanzania recently funded are in Arusha and are being distributed to four primary school for use by the teachers and children. Many things could have gone...... [read more]

Be thankful for everything02 APRIL 2012

We often ask God for his help as well as for things,not just for ourselves but for other people. That is partly what Christian prayer is all about. But we sometimes forget to thank him for what he...... [read more]

Felicia Kishosha11 MARCH 2012

Felicia is being sponsored by Hope for Tanzania in her B.Education course and is approaching the date of her final examinations. Pray that she will have a clear mind in her revision and good recall...... [read more]

Felix and Naomi Masenge15 FEBRUARY 2012

Felix has inspired many people to contribute to the building up of Tuishime School and the Arusha Clinic. He is a key individual in our plans for Tanzania so please pray that God will give him...... [read more]

Tuishime School in 201222 JANUARY 2012

A new academic year has started for the school with new children and new teachers. It is important that the momentum to improve standards is maintained and that the computers donated by HFT arrive...... [read more]

Pastor Deo in Mwanza30 DECEMBER 2011

Pastor Deo leads a church in Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria which is affiliated with Marantha Ministries, a worldwide church group. Pray that he will receive renewed physical strength and a...... [read more]

Zion City Church in Arusha10 DECEMBER 2011

ZCC is a thriving church that we went to one sunday during our recent visit to Tanzania. But such a church only thrives due to the committment of its members, the fervent prayer life of Christians...... [read more]

Mission in Mwanza30 OCTOBER 2011

Rev Grace Mbise is holding a mission in Mwanza between November 12 and 19. Pray that many people will be saved and receive healing during this mission and that God's power will be revealed in a...... [read more]

Team Members30 OCTOBER 2011

Please pray that the visit will have a lasting impact on team members – that we don’t forget what we have experienced, that God will do a deep work in all of us and change us permanently, that we...... [read more]

Pray for the Tanzanian Church22 OCTOBER 2011

For more pastors who are high school educated and have good Bible knowledge willing to teach deep Bible truths (including faithfulness in marriage and preventative measures to stop HIV transfer), for...... [read more]

Prayer Meeting October 14th08 OCTOBER 2011

Dear friends If you live in the Derby area and have a desire to pray for Tanzania please join us on October 14th at 8pm for a time of intercessory prayer. We will be meeting at the headquarters of...... [read more]

Christians in Tanzania19 SEPTEMBER 2011

* For more pastors to be trained who are high school educated and have good Bible knowledge and are willing to teach deep Bible truths (including faithfulness in marriage and preventative measures to...... [read more]

Tanzanian Christians 04 SEPTEMBER 2011

Pray for: Pastors to be true to the Bible in their preaching and teaching so that the way that they lead their churches is according to the Bible. The level of general education and bible knowledge...... [read more]

Life in Tanzania22 AUGUST 2011

Life in Tanzania is very tough. People are experiencing fuel shortages, constant electricity cuts and high food prices which is making their life even more difficult. In some parts of the country the...... [read more]

Mwanza Mission22 AUGUST 2011

On about the 12th November, and for a week, Grace Mbise will be holding a mission in the Mwanza region of Tanzania at which she will be preaching the good news of God's love and the gift of eternal...... [read more]

Visit 201121 JULY 2011

We are now 3 months away from this year's visit to Tanzania. During the visit we will be helping at the school, visiting orphanages and families in their homes, speaking in churches and going on a...... [read more]

Maria Masenge21 JULY 2011

Maria Masenge, one of our sponsored students, is getting married to Paul on October 15/16. She asks for prayer that the planning and arrangements will be completed in time as there is much to do. We...... [read more]

Answer to Prayer21 JULY 2011

Recently I was asked to pray for some friends in Tanzania who had a problem with the house they rented. The landlord had unexpectedly announced that he intended to increase the monthly rent from...... [read more]

Prayer from Naomi Masenge25 JUNE 2011

"Let’s allow all children to come to me [Jesus] for the kingdom of God belongs to them - this is Jesus telling his followers what to do. For each child belongs to our most High God. Their...... [read more]

Simon & Laura Walton23 MAY 2011

Simon and Laura are CMS missionaries in Dar es Salaam. Simon works at a health centre which offers HIV, family planning and child health services. Laura is starting to teach English lessons, helps at...... [read more]

Health and Weather16 MAY 2011

It struck me today that there are two areas of life which we take for granted in this country. The first is easy access to medical treatment and the second is a mild climate. In the first area our...... [read more]

Prayer Meeting May 20th16 MAY 2011

Although we have prayed for the work, and people, we are involved with in Tanzania for many years we have so far not started a prayer meeting. But now there is a sufficient number of people living...... [read more]

Update on Revival10 APRIL 2011

After years of prayer that God would revive her church our friend Caroline stopped praying as she had lost hope. She gave the matter over to Jesus as he had died for the church and it was his church...... [read more]

Revival in Tanzania03 APRIL 2011

We have just received news that a revival is happening in Tanzania. We have little news about it - what is happening, where in the country but it sounds greatly encouraging. Please pray that it will...... [read more]

Felicia and Emanuel28 MARCH 2011

Felicia is being sponsored by Hope for Tanzania to complete a degree in education (B.Ed). She is now in the second year of her degree and doing well, having successfully passed her exams. Please pray...... [read more]

Desperate Situations leading to Desperate Actions13 MARCH 2011

Please pray about this situation which we have just heard about: "A good news from Arusha is that there is a pastor in Loliondo,Ngorongoro-Arusha who has discovered a treatment of four diseases...... [read more]

Visit to Tanzania October 2011 13 MARCH 2011

We are encouraged that a few people have already expressed an interest in coming with us to Tanzania in October & November this year. Could you be one of those? Why don't you ask God whether it...... [read more]

Pastors and Church Leaders06 MARCH 2011

There are many churches throughout Tanzania that are led by pastors who have little theological training. Indeed many of them are relatively uneducated and struggle in their leadership roles. Neither...... [read more]

Poverty in Tanzania11 FEBRUARY 2011

The last few months have been very difficult for people in Tanzania, particularly in Arusha where the electricity supply has been very sporadic. Last week there was no electricity for 4 days. Just...... [read more]

Christian Literature for the Tanzanian Church31 JANUARY 2011

It was thought that the widespread use of Swahili would have reduced the need for translation of the Bible into more local languages. This is not the case and 10 translation programs are under way...... [read more]

Visitors from California to Arusha27 JANUARY 2011

We have been praying that God will do something extraordinary in Tanzania through the work that Hope for Tanzania is involved in. These prayers have been made every day for the last 5 months and we...... [read more]

Strengthening of the Church in Tanzania16 JANUARY 2011

The church in Tanzania is strong in numbers with many vibrant members who love to worship God and are thirsty to hear preachers speak from the Bible. But many of the pastors are uneducated and have a...... [read more]

Mosses Paulo16 JANUARY 2011

Mosses is an educational officer in Arusha and has responsibility for four schools. In addition he voluntarily helps people set up their small businesses by giving them English language lessons and...... [read more]

Christmas in Tanzania20 DECEMBER 2010

In the UK and USA the Christmas festivities have been heavily influenced by commercialism and most people think only of presents, eating, drinking and having a good time. Spare a thought for...... [read more]

Children at Tuishime School05 DECEMBER 2010

It is hard being a child in Tanzania. Let's try and imagine how they may feel. Your parents (if you still have them) are likely to be very poor, and yet you see constant affluent images on TV of a...... [read more]

Rev Grace Mbise15 NOVEMBER 2010

Grace is the secretary of the Mothers Union in Tanzania which is an international charity that exists to support families. She also works as an evangelist holding missions in different parts of...... [read more]

Christians in Tanzania07 NOVEMBER 2010

Today marks the day when Christians around the world remember their fellow brothers and sisters who are suffering persecution simply because of their religous faith. Life is tough for them and...... [read more]

Update on the Visit of Peter and Rosalind 07 NOVEMBER 2010

Thank God for the safe transport of the medical equipment for the Faraja Clinic that was sent by different routes. All of it arrived safely and has now been commissioned. Thank God for the continuing...... [read more]

Visit to Arusha by Peter and Rosalind Harris28 OCTOBER 2010

Peter and Rosalind Harris are travelling to Arusha on 29 October. They will be taking medical equipment with them for use in the Faraja Clinic. Prayer is requested for the equipment to arrive without...... [read more]

Students sponsored in their Education18 OCTOBER 2010

Maria Masenge is coming to the end of her college education. She has been studying for a diploma in business and now is completing her certification in Procurement and Supplies which will give her...... [read more]

Faraja Clinic 10 OCTOBER 2010

One of our supporters, Peter Harris, is setting up the anaesthetic equipment at the Faraja Clinic allow it to start carrying out minor operations. The clinic will serve poor people who cannot afford...... [read more]

Teachers at Tuishime School10 OCTOBER 2010

The teachers have started to pray with each other each day for the children and for the life of the school. This is an encouraging answer to prayer as six months time this was not happening. So much...... [read more]

Tuishime School03 JULY 2010

The pupils at the School have an extraordinary opportunity to become well educated and grow into responsible citizens of Tanzania. We believe that it is not sufficient for the children to simply...... [read more]

Moses Paulo 03 JULY 2010

Moses is one of our Futures graduates who lives with his wife, Mary and children Mkapa, Irene, Joram and Tabitha on the outskirts of Arusha. He works as an educational officer supervising the work of...... [read more]

Felix and Naomi Masenge10 JUNE 2010

Naomi is the headteacher at a very large government school as well as being director of the Tuishime School. This heavy workload, along with her relatively uncontrolled Type I diabetes illness, means...... [read more]