Hope for Tanzania

Send a Computer Scheme

During Visit 2009 a number of laptops were left with teachers at Tuishime School, who were trained to an elementary level during the visit. Since then teachers have taken the initiative and started to teach pupils basic IT skills so there is already a very basic foundation of IT ability. We believe that the use of computers in Tanzanian schools will make a huge impact on the quality of education and so Hope for Tanzania started the Send a Computer Scheme early in 2011.

We raised sufficient money to send a consignment of 90 reconditioned computers to four schools in Arusha. They are now being used to teach IT skills to pupils and eventually to parents. One of the schools was Tuishime with the other government schools being selected by the District Education Officer.

The total cost of the pilot scheme (computers and peripherals and shipping) was £11,500 so it was one of the most substantial projects that Hope for Tanzania has carried out. We bought the computers from the charity Computers 4 Africa which specialises in supplying reconditioned computers to non-profit organisations in African countries. Shipping took place in February 2012 and the computers were fully set up and integrated into the curriculum in all schools by September.

We were delighted to work with the education authorities of Tanzania (Ministry of Education) in this project and appreciative that they responded so enthusiastically and rapidly carried out the required work to convert classrooms into computer laboratories.

If the pilot scheme is successful, as it already appears to be, and funds allow, we will send a further shipment of computers in a few years either to teacher resource centres or additional schools.