Hope for Tanzania

Strategic Direction of Hope for Tanzania

Added 24 April 2013

The trustees recently looked back at the strategic plan, originally drafted in 2008, and were greatly encouraged by the significant number of areas where we have completely achieved the objectives. We now sense that we are at a crossroads in our work in Tanzania and are looking for guidance in moving into new projects within the remit of our charitable aims. We ask that you will pray for God's guidance in our thoughts and that we will meet people with complimentary interests who have skills and interests that are in line with our aims. To move into new areas, when we are relatively remote from the country, is not easy so we are likely to adopt a cautious approach. But we fully believe in the power of prayer and the guidance that comes from being open to hearing from God. It's a different way of planning but ultimately as we are seeking to do more than just provide education and relieve poverty its the best way to do it.

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