Hope for Tanzania

Children at Tuishime School

Added 05 December 2010

It is hard being a child in Tanzania. Let's try and imagine how they may feel. Your parents (if you still have them) are likely to be very poor, and yet you see constant affluent images on TV of a rich world. If you become ill (possibly with malaria) then you may not get medical treatment and so miss a lot of school or suffer from severe illnesses later in your life. You have dreams of becoming a doctor or pilot but realistically you are more likely to end up in a low paid job or worse without one. And yet at the moment the future seems bright. It can always be like this which is why we pray that they may find the same hope in Jesus that Christians, throughout the world, have. Hope of peace with God by knowing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Children are especially precious to God and he wants all people, including the pupils at Tuishime School, to reach their full potential. He has a plan for each one of them. Please pray that they may learn to live as God wants them to despite the extreme difficulties that they face as they grow up.

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