Hope for Tanzania

Mr Augustino Godfrey

Added 08 March 2014

Please remember Augustino and his family in your prayers. He is a friend of ours, a director at the Arusha Education Dept,a parent of a girl at Tuishime and one of the governors at the school. He has a court case pending in which he is accused of making illegal salary payments from educational funds to teachers who were not on the payroll. We have investigated the situation and feel strongly that he is not to blame for the payments, most of which have now been recovered. We are sure that someone else should take the blame due to the payments having been made for a number of years before Augustino was delegated responsibility for them.The court case has been pending for over a year with judgement originally scheduled for August. Indeed we attended the court hearing in September to support him but the judge did not appear due to family reasons. Since then the court hearing has been postponed 4 times for similar reasons with no obvious indication of when the matter will be resolved. Augustino is under a lot of stress as well as only being paid half salary. His wife has developed heart problems as a result of the stress and the entire family are suffering. Please pray that a just outcome will occur with Augustino being found not guilty due to the extenuating circumstances.

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