Hope for Tanzania

Prayer Diary for Visit 2016

Added 25 September 2016

October 10th to November 8th 2016

Practical aspects - personal safety during international and national travel, good health, luggage to be kept safe, no terrorist attacks.
SVN teachers – Jane, Susan, Michael and Barbara for effectiveness in their training of teaches and its lasting impact. Understanding of the culture. Unity within our team and sense of fun and purpose.
The independent group of pastors in Dar
overseen by Pastor Stephen and Enast. Progress in building/funding of Bible college. Boldness in ministry and evangelism amongst Muslims. Deepening in faith of Christians to face increasing persecution.
Renewal of friendships with Felix and Naomi Masenge (owners of Tuishime School), Steve Kweka and Mosses Paulo and his family. For Caroline & Eli Shao, Rev Peter Simon. For their lives and witness to be enriched.
Tuishime School – headteacher (Elisa Nasari), teachers and pupils. Deepening of Christian ethos, continuing popularity with parents, financial stability, pupils growing into influential people.
Our spiritual health and vigour, opportunities to talk to people about Jesus and spiritual matters, good times of prayer, sense of God’s presence and peace in our lives. God answering prayer in specific and wonderful ways.
Spiritual breakthrough in Kiomboi for people to be delivered from alcohol dependence and set free to serve the Lord. Protection and strengthening of Pastor Deo so that he effectively carries out evangelism and church planting.

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Pastor Osca starts Bible College26 JANUARY 2018

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Head Teacher at Tuishime School10 DECEMBER 2017

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God's Work in Singida 19 OCTOBER 2017

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Answered Prayer17 SEPTEMBER 2017

Our God is strong and powerful, able to hear our requests and answer so that Jesus is glorified and we receive the best in our walk with him. So many of our prayers were answered. We lacked nothing... [read more]