Hope for Tanzania

Desperate Situations leading to Desperate Actions

Added 13 March 2011

Please pray about this situation which we have just heard about:
"A good news from Arusha is that there is a pastor in Loliondo,Ngorongoro-Arusha who has discovered a treatment of
four diseases including HIV and Cancer. You can't believe people from different areas are coming in Arusha. The pastor showed by God a certain tree and how to used by the pastor only. He boils a tree and give a cup of it to the patient. After drinking it, the patients start walking. Day and night people are coming in Arusha and the Government of Tanzania is helping the pastor by sending the policemen for guiding the place and to maintain the peace".

We have not been able to test this situation but it looks to be highly suspicous and unlikely to be true. This pastor is unlikely to be teaching the truth and is misleading people either so that he can become famous or else he can make money. We need to pray that people have nothing to do with the pastor so that his activities will be totally unsuccessful. We must remember that Satan has power to do these miracles to confuse the children of God. But we must also remember that God has greater power and, that if we pray, he will change this situation to one that is good for people and bring glory to his name. Please join us in praying against this error.

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