Hope for Tanzania

Tuishime School

Added 03 July 2010

The pupils at the School have an extraordinary opportunity to become well educated and grow into responsible citizens of Tanzania. We believe that it is not sufficient for the children to simply learn the national curriculum subjects. We want them also to develop good characteristics and attitudes so teachers have an important task to be inspirational role models to the children. Each day pupils see love and care demonstrated by the teachers and we hope that this example will have a pronounced influence on their development. But it is not easy for teachers to be these role models as all of them are being paid lower salaries than government rates and so have financial worries in looking after their families. They need Godís love in their hearts to cope with personal situations which are difficult and still have the desire to help others. John Bosco, the headteacher, needs a lot of energy and drive, leadership skills and to be encouraged as he continues directing the School.

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