Hope for Tanzania

September News Round Up

Published 14 September 2014

* Mary, wife of Moses Paulo, and daughter Tabitha have recovered well after their road traffic accident in July.
* Augustino's court appearance is on 22nd September so we are hoping and praying for this to happen and for the outcome to be in his favour - i.e. the case against him dropped.
* Steve Kweka is head teacher of a large primary school - Daraja Mbile. It has a lot of challenging issues, not least of which is the poverty of many of the families and children. But he is a man of vision, Christian principles and very capable to positive produce change.
* Rev Grace Mbise is hoping to print her booklets shortly, that Hope for Tanzania funded, in which she writes about the amazing experiences that she has had in her life as a result of the work of God. We will make copies available as soon as we receive them.
* Some of the monitors and keyboards we sent to schools in 2012 were damaged. Computers4Africa agreed to replace them free of charge, for which we are hugely grateful, and the shipment will arrive in Dar es Salaam in a week's time. They will be collected and distributed to the appropriate schools. The computers have been well used and gratefully appreciated by the 4 schools so we hope to be able to send a further quantity to schools and a teacher resource centre once we have funds.
* Felicia, daughter of Felix and Naomi, and Emmanuel have a baby daughter, born at the end of August. We are delighted for them and pleased that mother and daughter are doing well.

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