Hope for Tanzania

Court Verdict on Augustino Godfrey

Published 06 October 2014

We are absolutely delighted that our friend Augustino Godfrey, an education officer in Arusha, has been acquitted from the charge of making illegal payments following a court judgement on October 2nd.The charge was brought after a government anti-fraud investigation found that retired and deceased teachers were being paid monthly salaries. Augustino had been given the responsibility of signing salary cheques but had not checked on the status of the teachers. He was simply following a practice that had been going on for many years. Once he realised what had happened he made attempts to recover the money which in most cases has been successful. The court case has been subject to numerous delays and was brought against him in late 2012. It has caused health problems for his wife due to the stress. We understand that Augustino will be re-instated to his previous job and that all back-pay will be repaid. Our thanks go to God for this fantastic answer to prayer.

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