Hope for Tanzania

Short Report on Singida Mission after Visit 2016

Published 13 December 2016

* Felix and I had a truly wonderful time in Singida during which we went on mission and visited three villages. We went door-to-door with mission teams from churches and preached in churches seeing many people coming to faith in Christ. Follow-up is continuing under the watchful eye of Pastor Deo. We see the harvest as being an answer to the prayers that have been made over the last few years.
* There is an intense hunger and thirst for God and we found open hearts to receive the gospel. People were receptive to listen as we presented the good news in different ways which were appropriate to their situation. We were aware of the toughness of some people’s resistance but the Holy Spirit told us when to stay until a soul was won and when to move on. I was delighted that my presence was seen as valuable and motivational rather than an intrusion. Interpretation of words did not hinder the working of God in people’s lives.
* Pastor Deo is doing well in training up mission teams as well as those who will carry out follow-up. But he feels the pull of his family. Felix and I discussed his schedule and agreed with Deo that he needed to spend more time with the family in Mwanza. So 2017 will be 60% spent in Mwanza and 40% in Singida.
* We agreed that the mission work in Singida needs to be more intentional so Pastor Deo will schedule dates with each church when he will be with them and will agree the purpose of each visit. His emphasis will be a mixture of mission, and training of teams in mission and follow-up. He will also identify another 1-2 villages that require mission work.
* Pastor Kitusi is leading his church in Old Kiomboi in a strategic way. It was a pleasure to be in his team during our mission.

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