Hope for Tanzania

The Mission in Singida

Published 19 October 2017

The team consisted of four HFT volunteers, a young man from Dar, two pastors from Arusha and Pastor Deo. We worked with pastors from TAG churches in Singida. We funded a team from Here’s Life Africa for two weeks to spearhead our mission to villages which we had previously been to and where Pastor Deo had worked for two years. The team showed the Jesus film and other films in 6 villages on multiple occasions with the usual pattern being to stay in each village for 2-3 days. Sometimes we slept in the village whilst on other occasions, when there was no accommodation, we traveled daily from our base into the village.

Pastor Benjamin Kitusi is the TAG pastor at Old Kiomboi and has seen significant growth in the church since my last visit in 2016 with an almost doubling of church members. The church building is now too small and Kitusi plans to extend the building. Kitusi himself is a changed man having boldness in his speaking and pastoring. It is exciting to see. Deo has trained church members in mission and follow-up and the mission team is now strong and confident. They supported us during our home visits. As a result of generous donations from Christians in Duffield we were able to make a significant donation for the purchase of Bibles which were gratefully received by church members. I had the opportunity to preach in the church on one of the Sundays. We showed films on many occasions to large crowds, preached and invited people to church. The church visits people regularly in their homes so we were supplementing their usual program. Perhaps one of the most astonishing experiences was when we went to a bar where people were drinking home brewed liquor. Rather than condemn them, which may have been what they were expecting, we spoke about God’s love for them and answered many questions about Jesus and other spiritual areas. It was amazing that even in such a place God can break into people’s lives and move them one step closer to starting to follow Jesus. Many people made commitments during the visits and film shows. It is a time for gathering the harvest in.

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