Hope for Tanzania

Sponsor a Child

Published 04 September 2011

Supporters of Hope for Tanzania currently sponsor 21 children at the school but there are many more who would benefit from being financially supported. This is because of the whole inter-relationship between parents paying the modest fees and the actual ability to run the school. If they don't pay, or are unable to do so, teachers cannot be paid, food isn't provided and the school buses cannot be run. Prices in Tanzania have gone up steeply but salaries haven't so it is harder for parents to afford the fees but the school still needs to run. This is where our supporters can make all the difference. Full support of a child is £20 per month which provides for fees, transport and food. Lesser levels of sponsorship are also welcome. Perhaps you, or a group that you belong to, could help with sponsorship. If so then have a look at the Sponsor a Child page in "Get Involved" and contact Martin Grosvenor by email: info@hopefortanzania.org

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