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News from Arusha

Published 10 November 2011

The team has now decreased to 2 - my sister Gill and me. Today was sad as we said goodbye to Marie and Teresa at lunchtime and now they are on their way home. They have both had a great time in TZ and made an impact on people here. They have also taken something significant back with them - memories of some lovely people and the knowledge that God cares for them as shown practically by people through their actions. I am sure that it will have been an experience that will change them in ways that perhaps even they do not yet know.

Yesterday I spent a morning with the DEO and the Director of AV Resources during which we visited a few primary schools to see about the classrooms that will house the computers we intend to donate. Some were dismal and require considerable input to extend electrical circuits and build tables whilst one was already complete. The DEO has agreed to do this work and I will seek a committment that it be carried out early in 2012 so that the computers will be used once they are received in Dar port.

The ladies had a great time at an orphanage near to Arusha. It is an example of sacrifice by the Pentecostal pastor who has set it up. and who has given up an opportunity to pastor a large church. The orphanage is located by a large rubbish dump, the flies are bad, and yet there is real love shown by the pastor, the helpers and the older children who help. Some of the children have disabilities or are albinos. Some have sad backgrounds and yet they will eventually flourish due to the love that is now being poured into them. Support for the children come from local shopkeepers who donate food and from church people. Life is uncertain but then with God it often is. Some of the children have left the orphanage and are studying for degrees. How have they been able to afford this? Perhaps by taking a loan or by a friend willing to sponsor them. Praise the Lord for this great example of service.

Tomorrow we run our second sports day at school which will be a real challenge as we will rely on the teachers to a much greater extent due to our depleted team. But we'll have fun and the children will get some exercise. In the afternoon I'll re-shoot the video of singing as the camera battery ran out last week and I had to pretend to continue shooting so as not to discourage the children. Hopefully Roger can weave his magic and put the footage into a form that people will want to watch.

I am pushing hard for work to be done at the Clinic as there has been slow progress. and only a few operations have been run, all of a very minor nature. Lack of electricity has been blamed for not being able to complete the drugs cabinet but the supply has been good for the last few weeks and yet nothing further has been done. Its frustrating.

Tuishime School is strong and giving a good education to its pupils. They all are full of life and confidence and wanting to engage in talk and play sport. Many of the teachers are excellent and have talents in subjects which make a huge difference to the quality of education. Bosco is the acting headteacher (demoted due to not being able to do the administrative work) and is superb in art, music and sport so we hope he will stay on at the school for a few more years, although he does have aspirations in other areas. The project to find a consistent water supply at school has resulted in a low cost option being pursued (digging, dynamiting and removing broken rock). The hole is now 75 feet in depth, water has been found but who knows whether it will ever be enough to supply the school.

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