Hope for Tanzania

Arusha Clinic to Close

Published 09 July 2012

We are very disappointed to announce that one of our projects - the Arusha Clinic - has had to close. We were setting it up to carry out minor operations as there is a real shortage of affordable medical facilities for people to have operations such as appendectomies, cyst removal and suturing of cuts. But even though we started planning in 2009, it barely got going, such is the time it sometimes takes to set up, establish and gain approval for such services in Tanzania. Sadly the government recently introduced a requirement that medical facilities have a minimum number of staff, and there was no hope that the Arusha Clinic could meet them. The biggest challenge then became how to ensure that a new home was found for the anaesthetic and surgical equipment. We pleased that our friend Simon Walton a CMS missionary who works in an Anglican hospital in Dar is in need of such equipment as the hospital he works at is building an operating theatre. So whilst the final location of the equipment is very different to where it was originally intended, the most important thing is that patients will benefit from the new service that will be offered to them shortly.

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